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Auctioneer James Braxton Wiki Bio, Wife, Married, Age, Date of Birth

Auctioneer James Braxton Wiki Bio, Wife, Married, Age, Date of Birth

James Braxton has appeared regularly on television, including Antiques Road Trip, as an antique expert and has also appeared in many antique-themed films and television series shows. He is also the founder and director of The Fine Art Auction Group.

He looks a little bit old, but what is his exact date of birth? Learn about other things from his wiki and bio, like his married life and wife.

Antiques Road Trip expert James Braxton Wife, Married Life, children?

James Braxton is a married man.  He is married to his wife, Mary Jo Estes, and the couple has two children together. Little is known about his wife because she has kept a low profile in the media, unlike her husband.

James Braxton is a strong family man who spends a lot of time with his family. So whoever is his wife must be happy with their married life, seeing how much attention he gives her.

While we don’t have any details about Auctioneer Braxton’s wife or married life, just by hearing about them, we can tell that they have been married for a long time.

Auctioneer James Braxton Net worth, assets, antique collection

Antiques Road Trip expert James Braxton has achieved success in his career as an auctioneer. Having been in the field for a long, James Braxton has had a massive net worth because the salary from his work is very high.

He is also a director of Fine Art Auction Group and Dreweatts Group, which he is also making a fortune from them. As of 2023, James Braxton has a net worth of $3 million.

Auctioneer James Braxton Net Worth

Caption:- Auctioneer James Braxton has a Net Worth of $3 Million.

Apart from his fat bank account, Braxton also has a lot of assets and a collection of antiques that he has been accumulating over time.

This Antiques Road Trip expert no doubt has a huge asset consisting of his many cars and posh estate that he lives with his family.

James also owns five antique auction rooms across Europe. The fact that James Braxton is an antique expert, he has been able to invest more in the field.

He also has made an appearance on hit TV shows about antiques, including Flog it! And Bargain Hunt.

His Age, date of birth, birthday

James Braxton is a very secretive man. We have not been able to establish his actual age and date of birth. In short, there is no way of knowing the man’s age.

Judging from his pictures, we can guess that he is in his mid 50s.


James Braxton has had a fulfilling career in auctioneering, the work he has done for the last 25 years. As a young boy, he was fascinated by the whole idea, and he ventured into it immediately after college.

In 1991he bought Edgar Horns auctioning company. Four years later, he acquired a controlling interest in Brackett’s auction room in 1995.

Auctioneer James Braxton carrer

Caption:- James Braxton’s perfection is Auctioning

He has found some very successful companies that specialize in auctions. Key among his companies is The Fine Art Auction Group where he is the director and the founder.

He is still very active in auctioneering and has appeared in many television shows as an antique expert. He owns several antique stores across Europe.

Wiki Bio

Little is known about the past life and where James Braxton grew up. His parents also remain a mystery. This Antiques Road Trip expert has a dark past and we have not been able to unravel any information about his childhood years and his education.

James Braxton is an American auctioneer who has built a name and a brand for himself in the auctioneering world.

This Antique expert and tv personality are some of the founders of the Dreweatts auctioneering agency. He has more than 25 years of experience in auctioneering art and antiques.

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