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Atz Kilcher’s Wives (First Wife Lenedra Carroll, Current Wife Bonnie Durpee, and Second wife Linda.

Image of Atz Kilcher’s Wives ( First Wife Lenedra Carroll, Current Wife Bonnie Durpee and Second wife Linda.

Do you know Atz Kilcher marriage life? You need to sit and enjoy the paragraphs that follow. Atz has had three wives. This does not mean he is polygamous.

He has simply remarried three times in his life. He has four children in total, but they are not all from the three wives. We now see who his three wives are and get details about their lives.

First wife, Lenedra Carroll.

His first wife, Lenedra Carroll has an interesting life. They met when young during their school days. Lenedra lived in Utah while Atz attended Young University.

It is not known when Atz and his first wife Lenedra got married, but their wedding is traced back in the late ‘60s. They stayed together for close to two decades, after which they divorced in 1982. It is not very clear why they divorced, but some sources say Atz cheated on Lenedra.

Lenedra has had a long music career where she has spent over a decade working as a music artist. She has produced two albums which she collaborated with her ex-husband who also loves music.

Image of Atz Kilcher's first wife Lenedra Carroll

Atz Kilcher’s first wife, Lenedra Carroll

She has released two solo albums called ‘Daybreak Song’ and ‘Beyond Words.’ She also owns an art studio in Alaska, where she has worked as a visual artist.

Together with this, she has owned an art gallery for seven years. Lenedra Carroll has been featured on several TV stations and magazines for her artistic talent.

She has been featured on popular shows and magazines such as ‘Oprah Winfrey,’ ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘USA Weekend,’ ‘Today Show’ and ‘Regis & Kathy Lee.’

They both have three children; two sons and one daughter. Lenedra has had a very tumultuous relationship with her daughter Jewel. The reason for this is because of her deserting them when they were very young. After the divorce from her ex-husband, Atz managed to be awarded the children’s custody.

You can attest that a young child kept away from their mother finds it very difficult to thrive. This is what Jewel and her brothers encountered; hardships. Their father, Atz, turned into an alcoholic and became abusive. This heavy heart stuck with Jewel for many years, but they later reconciled with her mother.

Lenedra would later become Jewel’s manager for a short while and then co-founded a non-profit organization. Their relationship subsequently broke down again. Jewel gets along with her dad despite his abusive nature when they were young.

Lenedra has not managed to build another relationship after divorcing Atz. Atz, on the other hand, moved on to marry a second wife who we shall read in the following paragraph.

Second Wife Linda.

Atz Kilcher’s second wife is called Linda. There is very little information known about for how long Atz’ second wife Linda stay married. They must have had a very quiet life together later divorcing or never got married at all.

Image of Atz Kilcher's with his second wife Linda

Atz Kilcher’s with his second wife, Linda

Current wife, Bonnie Dupree.

Atz is currently married to Bonnie Dupree. The couple has had a happy life as they both enjoy the same hobbies.  Bonnie Dupree was born on February 5th, 1954, in Saranac Lake, New York State, USA.

This also means that she is 69 right now. Additionally, she is a popular reality TV personality who appears on the Discovery Channel show together with her husband and extended family.

Bonnie was also married before to Doug Schwiesow who died from cancer.

Image of Atz Kilcher with his wife Bonnie Dupree

Atz Kilcher with his wife, Bonnie Dupree

They both had two children, Hannah and Karl. Bonnie, lonely by luck, met her lovely husband Atz. She decided to leave her former living place and moved to Alaska to find some happiness as she always enjoyed the Alaskan life especially skiing.

She settled near the Kilcher’s family, and that is how she met Atz, who they now share their lives. They have no children together, but they share six children from their past relationships.

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