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Ashley “Deadeye” Jones From “Swamp People” Age, Husband, Wikipedia Biography.

Ashley Jones is a reality TV star on the show Swamp People, which airs on the channel History. The show focuses on alligator hunting during the alligator hunting season in September every year in the Atchafalaya River Basin swamps in Louisiana.

Ashley made her debut in the show in 2018, and she earned herself the nickname “Deadeye” due to her accurate shots. Her shooting skills are so honed that she even takes fewer bullets than the other hunters for the season because she rarely misses a shot.

Learn more about Ashley Deadeye Jones’ career and personal life in the paragraphs below.

Who is Ashley Jones from Swamp People?

Ashley is a middle-aged hunter who lives in Mississippi with her husband, Chad Jones, and their three children. She was born on the 25th of November 1982 by her mother, Cindy, and as such, she is a Sagittarius.

Around six years ago, she had a miscarriage that left her severely depressed for three months.

She recounted her experience in an interview she did, saying that at the time, she had lost all desire to go out or do anything.

Luckily, Ashley Deadeye Jones’ husband was able to get her out of the funk by inviting her one day for a hunting spree for deer.  It then sparked her interest in hunting and be the basis for her current career as a reality tv hunter on Swamp People.

Image of Ashley Jones from the TV show, Swamp People
Caption: Ashley Jones from the TV show, Swamp People

This experience reawakened her spirit and pulled her out of the debilitating depression she was in. She continued to hone her newly acquired hunting skills and became pretty good at it that her friend, Ronnie Adams, noticed that she was an exemplary hunter.

He was already a cast of the show, and he went and put in a good word for her to join the show. The American hunter won a lottery for a gator tag and was invited aboard Ronnie’s boat to give him a hand.

She did such a great job that she was invited to cast in the show. She has filmed for 170 episodes so far and has won the hearts and admiration of fans the world over.

Ashley Dead Eye Jones’s husband and kids.

As aforementioned, the middle-aged reality star is married to husband Chad Jones, who is a hunter and a practising lawyer with his law firm. They have three children: two sons and a daughter. One of the son’s names is Cooper McMichael Jones.

Image of Ashley Jones with her husband Chad along with their kids
Caption: Ashley Jones with her husband Chad along with their kids

Chad Jones Bio.

Chad Jones is a hunter and a practising lawyer with his firm in Ridgeland. He specializes in representing people who get injuries in the line of their work, such as sportsmen and any other professional who get work-related injuries.

How old is Ashley Jones?

According to some reports, the famous cast of Swamp People Ashley Jones was born in the year 1982, so it is clear that she is turning 41 this year.

What happened to Ashley Deadeye Jones?

Ashley Jones from Swamp People might be a formidable hunter, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t go through trying times. The reality star had a miscarriage about eight years ago before she started hunting, as aforementioned.

The tragedy left her devastated and quickly spiralled her into a depression. She lost her will to live, according to an interview she did when talking about her trying time.

As aforementioned, she got an interest in hunting after her husband, Chad, invited her for a hunting expedition that changed her life for the better.

She is now well and enjoys spending time with her family and partaking in the gator hunting season. However, she said that sometimes she feels anxious, but she doesn’t let the anxiety take the better part of her.

Ashley Dead Eye Jones’s net worth.

Ashley’s net worth stands at $6 million. Before she joined Swamp People, she was just a stay-at-home mom to her kids.

However, there is word going around that she earns about $10,000-$30,000 per episode. If the rumours are true, it is safe to assume that she is living quite comfortably at the moment.

Image of TV personality, Ashley Jones net worth
Caption: TV personality, Ashley Jones net worth

Ashley Dead Eye Jones social media.

Ashley from Swamp People is active on Facebook and Twitter. She loves to post photos of her trophies and hunts, as well as her family photos. Her Twitter handle is @Ashley_dead, and her Facebook page is Ashley Dead Eye Jones with 13K likes.

Ashley Dead Eye Jones wiki-bio and other facts.

Full name Ashley Jones
Age 40
Date of Birth November 25th  1982
Place of Birth United States
Profession Hunter and reality tv personality
Net worth $6 million
Partner Chad Jones
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Parents Cindy (mother)

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