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Aphrodite Jones Husband, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Aphrodite Jones Husband, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Wiki-Bio.

Aphrodite Jones (Real name: Aphrodite Alicia Jones) is a famous American reporter, author, and television personality. She is one of the well-known executive producers of America that has produced different Television shows and also hosted them at the same time.

One of her projects is “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones,” which become very much famous in the audience. The very last show that she worked on was “The Justice Hunters,” which was powered by USA Network.

Know about Aphrodite Jones Husband, Net Worth in wiki type biography.

Who is Aphrodite Jones?

Aphrodite Jones is a best selling American author and tv personality as described above. She was born in Chicago on the 27th of November, 1958.

Her father’s name was Captain Ashton Jones Jr., and her mother was Maria Kalloumenous. Her father played an important role in World War 2. He served as a Tactical and Communications officer in World War 2.

Also, he has served the nation in the Korean War, and then he was appointed in Brooklyn as the director of Navy Material Laboratory.

Jones quite started her career during her studies. When she was doing graduation from the University of California, she reported for United Features Syndicate. After her graduation, she worked as an English teacher at Cumberland College in Williamsburg.

At that time, she wrote her first book named The FBL Killer. The content of that book was derived from the famous TV show of those times Betrayed by Love, which was released in 1994.

After writing and publishing her first book, she wrote her second book, which was named Cruel Sacrifice. It was about the murder of an Indian Teenager named Shanda Shared which was killed by four other teenaged girls in 1992.

She did not stop at this point. After some time, she came up with her third book named All She Wanted in 1996. This book was based upon the final weeks of Brandon Teena which was murdered after a rap in 1993. This book was too much incredibly written that it was then used as source material for a movie Boys Don’t Cry which won the Academy Award.

After that, the journey of her writing goes long. She wrote almost eight books till now from which people highly liked some. Those books included A Perfect Husband who was written about the murder suspect Michael Peterson. This book was also used as source material for the TV film The Staircase Murders.

Because of her incredible career and long experience in this field, she used to be invited in some talk shows as a crime expert. She appeared in lots of talk shows where she helped a lot to solve the mystery of different murders and helped the police to find out the murderer.

Image of True Crime with Aphrodite Jones

Aphrodite Jones from TV series, True Crime with Aphrodite Jones

Presently, Jones has been the host and the executive producer of a TV series named True Crime with Aphrodite Jones which is very much popular among people.

Aphrodite Jones’ net worth: $5 Million.

Well, Aphrodite Jones is a renowned and successful American author, host and producer of different TV shows. From all of her careers, she had earned a decent amount, and now she is well-settled in her life.

According to various reports, it is officially declared that the net worth of Aphrodite Jones is $5 Million. She earns every year almost $500,000, which is a handsome amount for living.

Image of American author, Aphrodite Jones net worth is $5 million

American author, Aphrodite Jones net worth is $5 million

As she has been into different fields, that’s why she had earned from various sources. We cannot declare any particular area as her primary source of income. She has written almost eight books that are still available in the market and are being bought by people.

She serves as a reporter at different channels from which she also earns and at last, she produces various TV shows simultaneously, which also contributes to Aphrodite Jones’ $5 million Net Worth.

From the handsome amount of money which she earns yearly, one can easily make out that she must be a possessor of a beautiful house to live in and several cars to commute and to add to her life’s comfort. However, there is no detailed information about either of these.

Is Aphrodite Jones married to a husband?

There are lots of assumptions regarding Aphrodite Jones’ marriage. Most of the people think that she is still single and did not married to anyone. The reason behind this assumption is her secrecy about her marriage.

Aphrodite Jones is married since 2010 to some mysterious guy whose identity is still a secret. No one no his name, age, or profession. It may remain secret if Jones may not have mentioned it in her interview.

She said that she is a married woman but did not reveal anything about her husband. Also, nobody knows anything about her children that she has any or not.

Most of the person has a question in their mind that why Aphrodite Jones doesn’t reveal anything about her married life? And this is the reason that most of the people think that she had told a lie about her marriage and she is still a single lady.

Real Name Aphrodite Alicia Jones
Age 64 years
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birthdate 28th November 1958
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America
Height Not mentioned
Weight Not mentioned
Career Reporter, author, television producer
Net Worth Approximately $5 Million
Parents Captain Ashton Blair Jones Junior (Father), Maria Kalloumenous (Mother)
Siblings One sister named Janet Jones
Spouse Anonymous (married in the year 2010)
Children Not mentioned

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