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Antonio Gates is Married to Wife Sasha Dindayal. Their Wiki-Bio.

The marriage between Antonio Gates and his wife Sasha Dindayal is a classic romance story. Before meeting each other, they both had success in their respective fields. Gates is an 8-time Pro-Bowl champion whereas Dindayal is an actress, who appears in WAGS LA.

However, she had to tone down her, acting a bit to fit into her mom persona. That said, here’s the wiki-bio of Antonio Gates and that of his wife, Sasha Dindayal including both their net worth.

Who is Antonio Gates?

Gates is an American NFL player currently untied to any specific team. His last contract ended with the Los Angeles Chargers in 2018 where he played as their tight end.

While Antonio Gates is a legend in the making with 8-Pro Bowls and five All-Pro wins, his career had an entirely different look.

The athlete dedicated most of his life and career towards sports in high school and college. He joined the Michigan State University with hopes of playing both basketball and football.

However, his coach, Nick Saban, only wanted him to focus on football, which he did not.

Instead, he prioritised basketball and transferred to Kent State University, where he played for the Golden Flashes. Sadly, he later came to loathe the decision after he didn’t make the NBA draft.

As a result, the athlete reset his clock and tried football instead.

Image of American football player, Antonio Gates

American football player, Antonio Gates

In 2003, the San Diego Chargers signed him in as an undrafted free agent. He proved his worth by securing a place within the team as its tight end and building up his net worth.

Though he received a couple of suspensions, he still made it to the San Diego Chargers 50th, Anniversary Team.

Who old is Antonio Gates? His age and birthdate.

Antonio is currently 43 years old and recently celebrated his birthday on June 18th. The year 1980 is his birth year, and he conforms to the Gemini star sign.

Antonio Gates Height, Weight, and Measurements.

As an athlete, the NFL player’s best features are his body measurements, second to his skills. He is tall, standing at the height of 6 feet 4 inches and weighs about 255 lbs. Gates athletic body saved him a few times when he needed it the most.

Image of Antonio Gates height is 6 feet 4 inches

Antonio Gates height is 6 feet 4 inches

Once was when he tried out for basketball whereas the second came when he shifted towards a professional football career. The chance to star in the NBA slipped by him after scouts declared he was too much of a ‘tweener.’

Antonio Gates Net Worth.

A professional NFL player’s lifestyle is unmatched in terms of finances regardless of the position or team. There is a lot of money pumped into the sports and its respective teams and players.

For instance, Antonio Gates holds a net worth of approximately $35 million. On the other hand, his salary comes down to an estimated figure of $6 million each year.

Moreover, his net worth also accrues from his signing bonuses, contract extensions, as well as brand and endorsement deals.

Image of American football tight end, Antonio Gates net worth is $30 million

American football tight end, Antonio Gates net worth is $35 million

As a result, he can afford luxury cars like Ferraris, A Rolls Royce and Bentley sedan, which he owns. In hindsight, Sasha Dindayal, Antonio Gates’s wife, has a net worth of $15 million. Let’s have a closer look at her now.

Antonio Gates Wife Sasha Dindayal wiki-bio.

Sasha Lee Dindayal came into the world on April 23rd, 1980, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is currently 43 years old.

She comes from mixed ethnicity based on her Trinidadian, African-American parents who have roots in Spain, China and India.

Image of Model, Sasha Dindayal

Model, Sasha Dindayal

It’s funny how knowledge about her family’s roots go back, whereas her early life is untraceable. Moreover, we also don’t know about the existence of her siblings.

Sasha Dindayal got her big break as a model and actress in the 90s. Some of her notable roles include My Father’s Hands and All Things Fare (1999). Moreover, she was also a judge in the TV series, Soul Food and also appeared in a few music videos.

Image of Antonio Gates with his wife Sasha Dindayal and with their kids Ayla Gates (daughter) and Aven Gates (son)

Antonio Gates with his wife Sasha Dindayal and with their kids Ayla Gates (daughter) and Aven Gates (son)

However, after her marriage to Antonio on July 9th, 2011, she gave it all up. Sasha is now the mother of two kids: Ayla and Aven born in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Antonio Gates Wiki-Bio, Family.

Antonio Gates hometown is Detroit, Michigan, where he grew up. His parents, Antonio Sr. and mother Mattie Gates still live in their hometown. The athlete attended Central High School in Detroit.

As an only son, he didn’t have a lot of friends and only played with his friend, Dwight Smith who was a year older than he was. Gates’ collegiate career started in at the Michigan State University and continued at the College of the Sequoias. He finally landed at Kent State University where he went pro, and the rest is history.

Quick Facts

Name Antonio Gates, Jr.
Net worth $35 million
Profession NFL Player
Spouse Sasha Dindayal
Age 43
Birthdate June 18th, 1980.

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