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Anne Burrell Net Worth, Restaurants.

Image of Anne Burrell Net Worth, Restaurants.

If you love cooking and watching the food programs on TV, then you won’t miss out on Anne Burrell. From a low cadre chef to now a popular name in the world of cooking.

She has built a name by being a multi-tasker who combines several roles but comes out the best. This article seeks to unravel who she is and her career life as a chef and a TV personality. You shall also get to learn more about Anne Burrell’s Net Worth and her restaurants.

Who is Anne Burrell?

Anne Burrell is a popular chef and reality TV personality. She was born on September 21, 1969, in Cazenovia, New York. She’ll turn 54 this year.

The only known parent is her mother, Marlene Burrell. She grew up with her sister, Jane Burrell, who is a trained dietician. She went to Canisius College in Buffalo, where she graduated in English and Communication in 1991.

Chef Anne Burrell later changed her mind about Communication and went to study at the Culinary Institute of America, where she graduated in 1996 with an Associate in Occupational studies. Anne also went on to study at the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners in Asti, Italy.

Anne is famous for her favourite TV shows such as, ‘Worst Cooks in America,’ and ‘Secrets of a Restaurant Chef.


Her career info and TV shows.

At just 16 years old, Anne Burrell was already working for McDonald’s when not in school. When she was over with the Italian Culinary Institute, she worked in several Italian restaurants.

After nine months of working, she returned to the USA, where she joined a restaurant called Felidia, which was owned by a celebrity chef named Lidia as a sous chef.

The restaurant specialises in Italian-American meals. She later joined other restaurants as a chef. After gaining practical experience, she went to teach at the Institute of Culinary Education.  She then worked for several other restaurants, even trying her hand at her restaurant.

Chef Anne Burrell also appeared on several TV shows even as she worked at the restaurants. In 2005 she appeared on the Food Network series, ‘The next Іrоn Сhеf in Аmеrіса.’ In 2008 and 2009, she also appeared in two other series, ‘Тhе bеѕt thіng І еvеr аtе,’ ‘Guy Fieri Road Show,’ ‘Маrу’ѕ Тhаnkѕgіvіng Dау Раrаdе’ and many others.

Anne Burrell Net Worth: $8 Million.

How wealthy is Chef Anne Burrell? She has had a long career in culinary work, and that has earned her a lot. Anne grew from working in small restaurants in Italy to being a chef in large and prominent restaurants.

She has worked for high-end restaurants as a chef, taught culinarily and appeared on TV, which has earned her a high net worth.

Credible sources have estimated her net worth to be around $8 million. She also received an award of $75,000 when she won the Chopped All-Stars tournament for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. This was a significant boost to Chef Anne Burrell’s net worth.

Image of American chef, Anne Burrell net worth is $5 million
American chef, Anne Burrell net worth is $8 million

Anne Burrell Restaurants.

Anne Burrell started her restaurant work experience in Italy, where she worked for La Bottega del ’30, in Tuscany. After returning to the USA, she joined Felidia, where she worked as a sous chef.

A famous chef called Lidia Bastianich owned the restaurant. She later moved to Savoy as a chef. As she worked here, the son of Lidia Bastianich, Joseph Bastianich and Chef Mario Batali made her the chef for their New York wine store.

Anne Burrell then got a chef job at Cento Vinoteca in New York as an Italian chef in 2007. She left the job in 2008. She continued to work on her TV shows, but in 2017, she joined hands with Phil to open their restaurant called Phil & Anne’s Good Time Lounge in Brooklyn. The restaurant was later closed in 2018.

Name Anne Burrell
When born and age September 21, 1969 – 54 years
Career Chef and cooking reality TV personality
Net worth $8 million
Citizenship American
Ethnicity White
Parents Marlene Burrell
Siblings Jane Burrell – Uzcategui
Spouse Stuart Claxton

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