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Andy Hillstrand is Married to Wife Sabrina. Know his Net Worth, Age in wiki bio.

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Fans of reality TV series Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel may be already familiar with Jonathan Hillstrand. Very few know about his brother who has been low key living in his shadow.

Andy Hillstrand is a reality TV star and commercial fisherman who seemed to jump right into the family business on their commercial fishing vessel named Time Bandit.

Here are details about Andy Hillstrand marriage, his wife Sabrina, net worth and much more.

Andy Hillstrand Net worth is $1.5 Million. Know his Salary.

Andy’s current net worth in 2021 is estimated to be around $1.5 million mostly attributed to life as a crab fisherman. He brings in a monthly salary of $12,500 and an average of $150,000 annually.

While a huge chunk of his income hails from the show, he also earns a substantial amount from the catch that he sells. Andy Hillstrand has been fishing since he was just at the age of three, way before he starred in the show. Moreover, the family owns a line of businesses including Time Bandit Spirits, Fireworks, Entertainment and much more.

Deadliest Catch’s Andy Hillstrand is Married to a wife Sabrina.

While the reality TV star seems great at his work on screen, he is also a great father and husband off-screen. Andy Hillstrand is indeed a married man and has stayed happily married to his wife Sabrina for over 31 years. The family man enjoys riding horses with his family and teaching it to their friends.

Andy Hillstrand wife Sabrina

Caption:- Andy Hillstrand with his wife, Sabrina

Together, they share two beautiful grown-up daughters Chelsey and Cassandra. Details on the girls are scanty, however, when he is is not busy fishing in the Bering Sea, he spends time with his family back in Virginia in a 17-acre piece of land where he lives

. He and his wife Sabrina are also the dog lover and own two of them.

Moving onto his larger family, he was born a third generation Alaskan fisherman alongside his two brothers Jonathan Hillstrand and Neal Hillstrand. Fishing seems to run in their blood as Jonathan mans the boat during the King Crab season whereas Andy takes over during the Opilio Crab season all while their brother Neal Hillstrand works on the boat’s engineering. Others include Axel and Phillip Hillstrand who join them from time to time.


The co-captain to Jonathan on the Time bandit has over 36 years served as a commercial fisherman. He started off at age three with the skill passed down from generation to generation.

Together with his brothers, they have manned the 113-foot long community aft fishing vessel which once belonged to their father

Andy Hillstrand’s career shot through the roof when the trio was approached by Discovery channel to feature on the show Deadliest Catch. During the first season, the boat was used as a filming boat capturing the footage of other fishing boats in action.

It’s during the second season that they became fully fledged into the show.

Andy Hillstrand age Net Worth Career

Caption:- 58 year old Andy Hillstrand has Net Worth of $1.5 MILLION.

However, along the line, the brothers were slapped with a lawsuit on wanting to terminate their contract with Discovery channel before its expiration. They, however, got back fully into the show and even released a book called Time Bandit sorely based on their fishing experiences.

Wiki-bio, Age, Height.

Name  Andy Hillstrand
Age 60 years old
Profession Fisherman, TV personality
Spouse Sabrina
Kids Chelsey, Cassandra
Birthdate September 25th, 1963
Birth Place Homer, Alaska, United States of America
Net worth $1.5 million
Height 5.8 feet

Andy Hillstrand was born on September 25th, 1963 in Alaska where he grew up fishing with his brothers. Details about 60-year old Andy are scarce. However, he does come from a line of distinguished and independent fishermen as succeeded by his father and his father before him.

The 5.8 foot tall TV star is married and is also skilled in the art of music; specifically playing the guitar, drums as well as being a songwriter. He is also a horse trainer and diver.


Andy Hillstrand is an excellent fisherman and amazing husband to his wife, Sabrina. The couple has been going strong for almost three decades now. His net worth is also subject to increase owing to Jonathan’s announcement of retirement, leaving the helm under his command.

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