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Andy Bassich is with Denise Becker After The End of Abusive Relationship With ex-wife Kate Roker Bassich.

image of life below zero Andy Bassich and his girlfriend Denise

Marriage can be a beautiful thing: two people meet, fall in love and commit themselves to each for the rest of their lives, living in harmony and raising wonderful children together.

This, unfortunately, is not the reality of most marriages. In this review, we will look at the rocky relationship between Andy and Kate Bassich, and also examine the story surrounding the allegedly abusive relationship. 

Meet his new girlfriend Denise Becker.

Andy Bassich’s married life and divorce from Kate Bassich.

Andy Bassich was once married to Kate Rorke Bassich. She was born in 1956, which makes her 65 years old presently. Andy met his ex-wife in 2003 in Dawson City, Alaska. He was working as a riverboat captain while his wife-t0-be, Kate, had just arrived to tour the Alaskan Wilderness.

The pair started dating soon after and were married a short while later. The couple lived a seemingly normal married life while the cameras were rolling, but away from the public eye, something sinister was happening.

Andy Bassich was reportedly abusing his wife. Kate tried to make it work and stayed married to her husband for well over 10 years before she decided enough was enough. The couple filed for separation in 2015, and the two were divorced a year later.

In an interview, Kate Bassich revealed that Andy had been abusing her mentally as well as physically. She said that it only got worse as the years waned; the two would constantly bicker, and most of the time it would end in emotional or physical abuse.

Image of Andy Bassich with his ex-wife Kate Bassich.

Andy Bassich with his ex-wife Kate Bassich.

Meet Andy Bassich’s spouse Denise Becker

After his divorce, Andy started dating again. He met his new girlfriend, Denise, whom he met in 2016 while Denise was on a boat trip with a children’s scout troop.

Image of Andy Bassich girlfriend Denise

Andy Bassich girlfriend Denise

Life Below Zero Andy Bassich and girlfriend Denise have been dating for well over four years and even moved back to Alaska together.

She played a big part in helping Bassich recuperate from an injury. Denise is a trauma nurse who once operated in Florida. Life Below Zero Andy’s girlfriend was born in Canada and grew up in a homestead up on a farm in northern Saskatchewan.

Andy Bassich’s wiki-bio, facts.

Andy Bassich is a television personality best known for his work on the show, Life Below Zero. Bassich has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Andy Bassich net worth is $250,000

Life Below Zero cast Andy Bassich net worth is $500,000

This wealth undoubtedly comes from his career in reality television. Television stars tend to make a lot of money and Andy Bassich is no exception. He has also worked on other shows such as: Jessie Holmes, Chip, and Agnes Hailstone, Erik Salitan, Glenn Villeneuve and Sue Aikens.

Before Andy Bassich’s career blew up on screen, he was a carpenter who made an honest living through his hands. He also reared dogs that helped him hunt.

Full name Andy Bassich
Age 66 years old.
Date of Birth 1957.
Place of Birth Washington DC, USA.
Profession Reality television star,
Net worth $500,000
Partner Denise Becker
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents N/A

Andy Bassich was born in 1957, in Washington DC. This makes the reality star 66 years old at the moment. He went to John. F Kennedy High School, and though he did fairly well, could not go on to University. This was because his family could not afford it due to financial constraints.

Bassich instead took up vocation training and trained to be a carpenter in order to help his parents financially. A little while later, he took up dog rearing and moved to Alaska in order to hunt.

Image of Andy Bassich from Life Below Zero show

Andy Bassich from Life Below Zero show

The hunter’s skills and relatively interesting lifestyle would go on to earn him a starring role in the reality show, Life Below Zero. The star’s life has not been completely free of controversy, as his ex-wife,  Kate, accused him of being abusive during their marriage.


Life in Alaska has not been easy for Andy Bassich, as his show regularly reminds us. But one thing that stands clear is how resourceful, determined and hardworking the hunter is.

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  1. Mr.Andy Bassich
    You are not carpenter you are architect.
    Best gardener,all you do it is perfect.
    Mis.Denis is beautiful woman in hearth treat her with love and respect.
    There is no many woman like her.
    I wish to both of you all best for ever.
    Nada Lovric.

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