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Andreas Viestad Gay, Wife, Children, Family, Bio.

Image of Andreas Viestad Gay, Wife, Children, Family, Bio.

Andreas Viestad is a famous chef, television personality, food critic and writer. He is known in various countries after the launch of the show New Scandinavian Cooking.

Over the course of seven years, it aired in countries such as Italy, Germany, Finland, and China. Is Andreas Viestad Gay? Read on to know.

Andreas also works as a food critic and writer for a local newspaper back in Norway. He is a graduate of one of the top colleges in his home country, the University of Oslo, and has several published works under his belt.

These include books such as Kitchen of Light. Explore the life of Andreas Viestad and find out what the chef Andreas Viestad’s net worth is.

Who is Andreas Viestad? His career info.

Andreas Viestad is a European-born columnist, reality cooking show host, and celebrity chef. His rise to fame came hand in hand with the introduction of the BBC Food Network’s New Scandinavian Cooking.

Andreas has been at the helm of the show for the past seven seasons. Remarkably, it broadcasts across 50 countries all around the world.

The chef has written for publications such as Vanity Fair, Dagsavisen, Vogue, Morgenbladet, and Dagbladet. Besides being a columnist, he is also a published writer with fourteen different books to his name.

Examples include På grillen, Mine beste side, and Nord for Eden, Det beste jeg vet.

Image of Andreas Viestad from the TV show, New Scandinavian Cooking.

Andreas Viestad from the TV show, New Scandinavian Cooking.

Andreas is only a farming enthusiast, and he owns a farm in Farsund, a little town in the south of Norway. The Norweigan chef is also the owner of a restaurant.

He opened St. Lars restaurant back in 2011. The establishment is located in Oslo.

Throughout his career, Andreas has worked with people like Dr. Paul Clüver, Harold McGee, and Pierre Gagnaire.

Is Andreas Viestad gay? Or married to a wife?

Andreas Viestad is a married man. The chef’s wife is Vibeke Viestad. At the moment, she is a postgraduate student at the University of Oslo, writing a thesis on the material culture of dress and personal ornamentations of the San.

It remains unclear when the two tied the knot.

We can speculate that they met at the University of Oslo as Andreas is a former student there, too. The fact that he has a wife is credible evidence that the chef is straight and not gay.

Andreas Viestad children, family.

The chef leads a relatively private life. As such, there isn’t a lot of information available about his family. However, we were able to learn that Andreas Viestad has three children, two sons and a daughter.

Their names are Hector, Wilma, and Valdo Viestad. At the moment, it remains unclear who the children’s mother is. Should this change, we will keep you updated.

Andreas Viestad bio, age.

The chef was born on April 5th, back in 1973. This would make him 50 years old presently. He comes from Oslo, Norway. Not much is known about his early childhood and background.

So, his parents and possible siblings remain a mystery. In regard to his educational experience, Andreas is a former student of the University of Oslo.

Interestingly enough, while he is recognized as a good chef, Andreas underplays his skills in the kitchen. He says that he is no expert and just does his best in the kitchen.

Full name Andreas Viestad.
Age 50 years old.
Date of Birth 5th April 1973.
Place of Birth Oslo, Norway.
Profession Columnist, Celebrity Chef, Entrepreneur, Television Host, Author.
Net worth $1 million-$5 million
Spouse Vibeke Viestad.
Kids 3
Nationality Norwegian.
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aries
Parents Unknown

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