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American Pickers Mike Wolfe News, Death Rumors.

Image of American Pickers Mike Wolfe News and Death Rumors

Mike Wolfe is an American reality star and scavenger for everything antique-related. He is a certified dumpster diver and has been at it for years. The reality star is famous on History Channel’s American Pickers, currently on its 24th season.

Moreover, it has been active since 2010 and also stars Frank Fritz, his brother, Robbie Wolfe and his family. However, recent news and developments have reported on Mike Wolfe’s death, among other rumours.

Here is an exclusive on the story.

Is Mike Wolfe Dead?

To start, let us first lay the foundation and discard all rumours about Mike Wolfe’s death. The American Pickers host is very much alive and touring the country in search of his next scoop.

We recently caught up with Fritz and Wolfe, scheduling their trip to Minnesota in October.

The pair have been at it for years and currently own a private collection of antiques. In hindsight, they met back in Junior High and have been friends ever since.

Both share similar interests. However, Mike Wolfe’s passion for antique picking goes back to when he was a kid.

Image of American Pickers cast Mike Wolfe still alive fit and healthy
American Pickers cast Mike Wolfe still alive fit and healthy

As a child of divorce, he grew up with his two siblings, Robbie and Beth, in poverty. However, that all changed for the better when he landed a deal with the History Channel in 2010. As a result, he starred in American Pickers.

Mike Wolfe Death News.

The name Mike Wolfe is typically common in the United States. A similar high-ranking official sharing the name recently died of a heart attack.

Moreover, he was a great real estate figurehead in Florida and part of the Boma GTB organization.

The deceased died at the age of 48 without life insurance, leaving behind a wife, Lisa. In a way, he shares similarities with Mike Wolfe, who also married his wife, Jodi Faeth.

The couple tied the knot on September 8th, 2012, and have a daughter named Charlie, aged 11.

Image of Mike Wolfe with his wife Jodi Faeth and with his daughter Charlie
Mike Wolfe with his wife Jodi Faeth and with his daughter Charlie

Mike Wolfe Arrested News.

Similarly, a more bizarre platform reported another individual named Mike Wolfe arrested and charged with murder. The felon was arraigned in court and recently accused of kidnapping and murder.

The victims of the vicious attack were a woman named Karissa Fretwell and her son, Billy. The case presided in court on June 21st, 2019.

Again, the timing is impeccable and coincidentally links up with the rest of Mike Wolfe’s death rumours. Nonetheless, the famed reality star is alive, healthy, and living his best life for the other two, not so much.

Keep coming back for more American Pickers Mike Wolfe’s News Update.

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