Alma Wahlberg Sick, Weight Loss, Cancer, Health Update

American actors Donnie and  Mark Wahlberg’s mother Alma Wabhlber is a reality star and co-owner of the Wahlberg Restuarant Chain where her on Paul Wahlberg is a chef.

Alma came to spotlight after appearing in the A&E series ‘Wahlburgers.’ She married twice in her life. Wahlberg first married to her e-husband Donald Edward Wahlberg and then remarried to her second husband, Mary Corbnoy, in 1984.

Let us provide about Alma Wahlberg’s health condition, cancer rumours, and weight loss. How is she doing now?

Is Alma Wahlberg Sick?

The mother of nine children, Alma Wahlberg, is not sick. Many people think that she is ill, but all these are just rumours. If you see such kind of news on the internet or somewhere else then don’t believe it.

We are unable to find the information regarding this matter. As of now, Alma is fit and living healthy. Alma, who is in her mid-70s and currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Image of Alma Wahlberg is now fit and healthy

Alma Wahlberg is now fit and healthy

Her Weight Loss

Well, Alma Weight neither lost nor gained her weight. As of the current writing, she has no cancer, so it is clear that she looks fantastic. She does exercise not to lose her but to stay fit and healthy.

Most people think that exercise help to lose weight, but they don’t it also help to weight. According to the studies, people who exercise in the morning seem to lose more weight than people completing the same workouts later in the day.

To keep your body in shape, you have to follow the proper diet as well. You can get healthy and delicious cuisine in Alma Wahlberg as well. Regarding her weight issues, there is no information on any site.


People speculated that Alma Wahlberg had been diagnosed with cancer. During her treatment, she lost a lot of weight and seemed too weak. This is to inform you know that Alma has no cancer and never battled with it. Many people think that she has cancer, but all those were just to be a hoax.

Some people make fake news just to grabbed the attention of celebrities and to know what they are doing at the moment. So far, Alma Wahlberg health is excellent. In case, if she gets sick, her family is there to take care of her.

Alma Wahlberg Health Update. How Is She Doing Now?

According to some sources, we get to know that Alma’s health is in good condition. Wahlberg made her appearance in the syndicated talk show ‘Anderson Live.’ Talking about her profession, she has worked as a bank clerk and nurse aide.

Image of Nurse, Alma Wahlberg

Nurse, Alma Wahlberg

Her oldest’s daughter Deborah E. Donnelly died at the age of 43 in September 2003, but coincidently, her son Mark Wahlberg welcomed his first child on the same day.

Alma is passionate about foods and running a restaurant named ‘Alma Nove’ which named after her and her nine (nove) children. The restaurant features the eclectic menu of fresh off the boat of seafood, portions of pasta, chop and more.

If you visit in Hingham, MA, don’t forget to taste the food of Alma’s restaurant.

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