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Allysa Rose Divorced her Husband Josh Rose. Her Boyfriend, Age, Kids Net Worth.

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Image of Allysa Rose Divorced her Husband Josh Rose Her Boyfriend, Age, Kids Net Worth.

She can’t seem to get out of everyone’s lips after rising to fame because of the TV show Graveyard Carz. If it’s not asking about Allysa Rose married life, you all want to know about Allysa Rose net worth.

It is not a bad thing because such is the life of a celebrity. It must be open to the public as the superstar is open to the public. Find detailed information of the queen’s net worth and married life.

Be sure also to discover Allysa Rose husband or is she divorced?

Graveyard Carz Allysa Rose and longtime boyfriend turned husband, Josh Rose Divorced. What caused the divorce?

Allysa Rose married life has not been an easy one. She had been married to Josh Rose. Footballer lovers are likely to know this Australian guy because he plays in the National Premier League in Northern NSW.

He even used to play in the National Soccer League. Before the two got married, they had been dating for a while.

Image of Allysa Rose ex-husband Josh Rose
Allysa Rose ex-husband Josh Rose

Not much is availed about their relationship and their eventual divorce. When asked, Graveyard Carz queen is asked about her departure from this marriage she argues that she did not leave; their relationship was just not working out.

During their married life, the two were blessed with two children.

Image of Allysa Rose two kids
Allysa Rose two kids

Alyssa Rose From Graveyard  Carz is now dating a new boyfriend, Anthony Johnson. They have a kid together. Getting married soon?

The fact that she divorced does not mean she is available guys. The beauty is fortunately or unfortunately for you guys taken. Trusted sources indicate that Allysa Rose husband to be is Anthony Johnson as he is her current boyfriend.

Popularly known as Rumble, Anthony Johnson is a retired martial arts fighter.

Image of Allysa Rose with her boyfriend Anthony Johnson
Allysa Rose with her boyfriend Anthony Johnson

He participated in Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) and at one point ranked as a top light heavyweight contender. Johnson and his lucky princess even have a kid together which shows how far they are in their relationship.

As a result of the minimal scandals known about the relationship, speculations are that wedding bans may soon be expected.

Allysa Rose Age, Net Worth, Salary, Wiki-Bio

You sure are interested to know about Alyssa Rose Worman from Graveyard Carz. Well, the star was born in the United States of America in 1991.

It is hence apparent that as of 2023, Rose is 32 years old. Her income is equally impressive as sources say that her net worth is $100,000.

The primary source of her income is the Graveyard Carz reality TV show. The salary is yet to be provided to any credible sources but will soon be updated on this page.

Image of Allysa Rose net worth is $100,000
Allysa Rose net worth is $100,000

Her dream of being in the automotive industry began at a tender age may be because Mark Worman (her father) also had the same passion.

To discover more about her dream, she started reading related books, and by the time she was 10, the beauty joined her father in her garage where she discovered her restoring of cars passion.

Although she became a pro in the field, her father took her for some dancing classes. You can trust that she would beat you to any ballet, jazz and Tap Dance.

She worked hard enough to purchase her own 2014 Dodge Charger, but before then she owned a Merc.

You can follow Alyssa Rose from Graveyard Carz on social media platforms especially Instagram and Facebook as she is most active on these two sites. You can also find her appearances on the hit show on various YouTube videos though she does not own a YouTube channel herself.


Name Allysa Rose
The birth year 1991
Age 32 years old
Birthplace United States of America
Nationality American
Parents Mark Woman (Father)
Career Car restoration, Tv personality
Net worth $100,000
Marital status Divorced John Rose

Dating Anthony ‘Rumbler’ Johnson

Children 3
Weight Not known
Height Not known
Eye color Green

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