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Alison Victoria Married, Husband, Age, Net Worth, Measurement, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Alison Victoria Married, Husband, Age, Net Worth, Measurement, Wiki-Bio.

Alison Victoria slowly made her way into mainstream media many moons ago through the DIY network and HGTV’S series, Kitchen Crashers. Not only is her work as an interior designer phenomenal but she also put her creative brain into action on different business ventures.

That said, let’s talk about how much income she racks up a total net worth, as well other information on her bio, age and body measurements. But first, here is an inside look on her boyfriend turned husband.

Kitchen Crasher Alison Victoria is Married to husband Luke Harding.

Modern day applications make it possible to do just about anything and finding love isn’t too far away from the endless possibilities. Victoria made use of a dating site, and found her soulmate called Luke Harding in the wake of 2012.

Alison Victoria and husband Luke Harding went out on a blind date after having stretched out their online talk for a while. Lovestruck and within a year on June 1st, 2013 they were reciting their wedding vows as ordained by a minister.

Both don’t talk about their marriage, and if they are facing any issues, problem-solving seems to be part and parcel of their qualities.

Image of Alison Victoria with her husband Luke Harding

Alison Victoria with her husband Luke Harding

Another topic they don’t like discussing is on their adorable young daughter whom she blasts all over her Instagram account. Her husband Luke isn’t a celebrity so that you won’t see any tabloid headlines with his name on it.

nHowever, he owns an insurance company that provides for himself and his family.

Alison Victoria Net worth.

Looking at her on television and finding out that Alison Victoria’s net worth holds strong at $3 million depicts a lot of contrast. The mother of one got her big break on television after getting an offer she couldn’t refuse to host Kitchen Crashers.

Image of Kitchen Crashers show, Alison Victoria net worth is $4 million

Kitchen Crashers show, Alison Victoria net worth is $3 million

Before her television debut, she was an ordinary girl straight from college with aspirations of becoming a great designer. Victoria, therefore, joined Christopher Holmes where she honed her skills for two years as the youngest female interior designer.

With the wealth she acquired, Alison made her first investment in starting a consulting business based in Chicago and Las Vegas. She also made another wise decision in investing in a modern luxury furniture line that served large clientele coming from her popularity from television.

The TV star Alison Victoria net worth also comes from brand endorsements and high-end commercials such as the one she did for Gevalia, a coffee company. Her contribution in the business world has been commendable such that she got served with the Rising Stars of Business Awards

Alison Victoria Measurement, Height, weight.

Alison’s image, physique, and beauty challenges all stereotypic thoughts on beautiful women excelling at handy work. For a woman who knows her way with tools, she looks stunning and not as rugged as most people tend to perceive.

Mind you; we haven’t even brushed on the fact that she is already a mother of one.

Victoria stands at the height of 5 feet and puts on the weight of about 120 lbs. She may be tiny but makes up for it in other ways. The TV host’ breasts, waist, and hips measure 35-25-36 inches respectively which is great for someone her age.

Image of Alison Victoria height is 5 feet

Alison Victoria height is 5 feet

Alison Victoria age, birthdate

The HGTV star celebrates her birthday each year on October 31st having been born in the year 1981. It makes her 41-years old, and a Scorpio as well.

Alison Victoria wiki-bio, family, other info

Full name Alison Victoria
Age 41
Date of Birth October 31st, 1981
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois
Profession Television host, interior designer, businesswoman
Net worth $3 million
Husband Luke Harding
Kids 1
Height 5 feet
Weight 120 lbs.
Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Part of the reason Alison settled for Chicago to locate her business was that she familiarizes with the town having grown up there. Though the details surrounding her parents are masked, we do know she grew up next to her three other siblings.

Furthermore, her initial name was Alison Victoria Gramenos. In several interviews, the 41-year-old often recalls life growing up on the 46th floor of the John Hancock building and terms it as perfect.

Interior designing was always her passion as a kid, and when the opportunity came knocking at her door, she embraced it with arms wide open.

The Kitchen Crasher’s host got her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada and put it to good use right after graduation. One of her best contracts so far is a hotel expansion gig in Vegas whose budget was $160 million. As expected, she didn’t disappoint.


Alison Victoria is a force to be reckoned with in the interior design world based off her net worth. At age 41, she has managed to achieve greatness with her husband Luke Harding always by her side.

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