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Alex Lagina Age, Net Worth, Death, Biography.

Image of Alex Lagina Age, Net Worth, Death, Biography.

19Alex Lagina is a television personality, entrepreneur, and engineer from Michigan. He became a well-known reality television star after appearing on The Curse of Oak Island. Read this to know Alex Lagina Net Worth.

He works alongside a few members of his family on the show. These are his dad, Marty, and Rick, his uncle. The Island has an aura about it that draws a lot of people in as they try to uncover some of its mysteries.

Pursuing the secrets, the mysterious place has to offer, however, comes with certain risks as quite several people have lost their lives in the quest. Is Alex Lagina one of them? Find out in this review. Know if Alex Lagina is dead or not.

Who is Alex Lagina?

Alex Lagina is a reality television star, engineer, excavation expert and businessman. He applies his trade on the Oak Islands. His father, Marty, and uncle bought a controlling stake in the island tour service.

Oak Island is a place that has fascinated hundreds of people from around the 18th Century. It is a place of great mystery, and one rumoured to hold a plethora of lost treasures and artifacts.

These include long-lost ancient religious manuscripts, Shakespearean works, and even fabled pirate treasures. While none of these have ever been found, a few remarkable items have washed up on the island.

Dating revealed that they were hundreds of years old.

Image of Reality TV star, Alex Lagina

Reality TV star, Alex Lagina

The island’s mystique garnered it a reality television show which Alex Lagina is presently a part of. This came when the producers over at the History Channel greenlit the show The Curse of Oak Island.

The show first debuted back on the 5th of January 2014, after the brother duo Marty and Rick decided to invest their capital and time into the island.

Six years, seven seasons and 93 episodes later, and the series is a mainstay on the History Channel. It stars the likes of Rick Lagina, Marty, David Blankenship, and Alex Lagina, who is our primary focus today. He has been on the show since its inception, recording a total of 51 episodes so far.

How old is Alex Lagina?

Born in 1987, Alex Lagina turns 36 years old in 2023.

Is Alex Lagina Dead or alive?

Excavation is not an easy job. It is uncanny how many mining accidents make the news, for instance.

Factor in all the potential dangers that loom large for works on Oak Island, and it spells potential disaster for anyone not being careful enough.

It is reported that this particular island is plagued with dangers such as sinkholes, collapsing caves as a result of heavy drilling.

It is reported that six people have already died on the island during the excavation process. Alex Lagina is not one of them, however.

These reports probably stemmed from the fact that Alex was part and parcel of the excavation crew. As such, he is exposed to all the dangers which the job entails.

But the rumors suggesting that he is dead are entirely unsubstantiated. As recently as this year, he was slated to be on recurring episodes of the reality show, Curse of Oak Island.

Alex Lagina’s net worth.

Alex is a reality television star, reputable engineer, and businessman. Throughout the article, we have seen that he helps manage a host of his family’s business ventures.

These include but are not limited to A wind turbine company, Oak Island tours, and the Villa Mari Vineyard.

Image of Engineer, Alex Lagina net worth is $50 million

Engineer, Alex Lagina net worth is $50 million

As such, Alex Lagina’s net worth is $50 million at the moment.

Most of this net worth has stemmed from his profitable family businesses. This is a figure which will only continue to rise as time goes on. So stick with us for more updates.

Engineering background.

Alex’s background in engineering makes him a very valuable asset to the excavation team as they handle very sophisticated machinery in search of artifacts.

Long before he ventured onto the island, we learned that Alex Lagina worked as an engineer right after he completed his studies.

Alex had followed in his parents’ footsteps. His old man Marty was also a reputable engineer who founded the company Terra Energy. The company dealt with gas and oil discovery.

Alex Lagina also reportedly manages the tour company set up on the island, as well as its museum. They display some of the artifacts they have found on the island at the museum. Also, the Laginas are the proprietors of the Villa Mari Vineyard, which is located in their hometown of Michigan. This is a business that Alex also helps manage.

Lastly, the Laginas also own a wind turbine business, which is recognized as the largest in the start. Unsurprisingly, Alex also played a key role in its day-to-day management for a while.

Alex Lagina Biography, family.

Full name Alex Lagina
Age  36 years old.
Date of Birth 1987.
Place of Birth Traverse, Michigan, USA.
Profession Reality TV Personality, Businessman, Engineer, Excavation Expert.
Net worth $50 million.
Wife Under review
Kids 0
Nationality American.
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Under review
Parents Marty and Olivia Lagina.

Alex Lagina was born back in 1987 in Traverse, Michigan. He is the son of Olivia and Marty Lagina. Both of his parents are proficient engineers who have made a name for themselves in the industry, as well.

He grew up alongside one other sibling, a sister named Maddie. Together, they were brought up in their hometown of Michigan.

Not much information was forthcoming regarding his early education. A few years down the line, however, we learned that he enrolled at Michigan’s College of Engineering back in 2008.

After successfully attaining his degree in the field, he went back home to help out with some of the family’s numerous business ventures.

Alex Lagina helped manage their vineyard, for instance, and also the wind turbine. More recently, Alex works on Oak Island alongside his father and uncle. They set out on excavations aimed at uncovering long-lost treasures.

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