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Alaskan Bush People Rain Brown Pregnant? Know her boyfriend and Gay rumors.

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Image of Alaskan Bush People Rain Brown Pregnant? Know her boyfriend and Gay rumors

Have you been catching up with the American TV series, The Alaskan Bush people? If yes, then you must be familiar with the character Rain Brown.

She is among the youngest member of the show. Rumors concerning  Rain’s gay nature have long been renting the air, but the latest news indicates that she is pregnant.

Quite an irony and impossibility right? Well, discover the truth about Rain’s pregnancy stories, boyfriend, her gay nature, and much more about her personal life in this piece.

Alaskan Bush People Rain Pregnant? Or Just a rumor?

It seems everyone was wrong about Rain Brown’s pregnancy since they are nothing other than baseless rumors. Confirming these are her recent photos which indicate she is not expecting.

Image of Rain Brown

Besides her pictures, Rain also dismissed the pregnancy rumors saying she is way too young for marriage hence cannot afford the luxury of a kid. This is unsurprising, as she is only 20.

Is she dating a boyfriend? Or is Alaskan Bush People Rain Gay?

You may now think that she is gay because she is not pregnant. Well, it so happens that Rain’s gay status is also wrong.

According to the little TV star, equality is a significant virtue in her life. Therefore just because she treats the gays, lesbians, and persons of this category in a rather lovely manner, does not mean that her sexual orientation is the same as theirs.

Concerning Rain Brown’s dating status, the current information is that she is not dating and has no boyfriend. The same reason she gives against being pregnant is the same reason as to why her boyfriend is non-existent.

If you have had a crush on her, there might be hope, but that’s if you fit her class.

Short Bio

Rain Brown happens to be her nickname. Officially, her name is Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown. You can also call her Rainy Brown or Bush Barbie.

She was born on 23rd November 2002 hence expected to turn 21 years this year (2023).

The sweet girl is the apple of the eye of her parents Billy Brown and Ami brown. She has siblings who she loves and adores a lot, but not much is available on them.

Image of Alaskan Bush Rain Brown

Even at her tender age, Rain Brown has a source of income which undoubtedly comes the Alaskan Bush people show. Her salary is not available for now but will be updated as soon as possible. However, speculations is that her net worth is around $200,000.

The young celebrity enjoys being smart, mending her hair and playing with her dolls. You cannot call this childish because she is just enjoying her teenage stage like any other adolescent girl out here.  Brown also enjoys reading books. Her favorite book as of now is Nancy Drew mysteries.


Official names Merry Christmas Kathryn  Raindrop Brown
Birthdate 23rd November 2002
Age 20 years
Parents Billy and Ami Brown
Gay No
Married No and not dating
Pregnant No

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