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Is Agnes Wilczynski Married to Brett Raymer?

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Image of Is Agnes Wilczynski Married to Brett Raymer

Many at times, celebrities meet on the set of filming for the first time and build up the chemistry that extends off-air. Take the case of Game of Thrones main character Kit Harrington and his newly wedded wife, Rose Leslie. However, sometimes the bond comes from excellent scripting and directing.

Agnes Wilczynski and Brett Raymer of Animal Planet’s Tanked have both been the subject of dating and even marriage speculations. But is there any truth to it? Let’s find out. Get to know facts about About Agnes Wilczynski and Brett Raymer’s marriage.

Who is Brett Raymer? His married life in short.

Before diving straight into the actors’ relationship. It’s important to familiarise you with who they are first. Brett Raymer is the current COO of Las Vegas-based Acrylic Tank Manufacturing company that features on the reality series Tanked.

It’s a family run operation featuring Wayde King, the CEO and his wife and the staff who are always pulling practical jokes on each other. Brett doesn’t ever see eye-to-eye with Wayde, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a team player.

Image of Brett Raymer from TV series, Tanked
Brett Raymer from TV series, Tanked

Moving on to his personal life, the reality star only married once in his life to Melissa Bradford. They even have two kids together named Bryce and Kayla. However, after a series of irreconcilable differences, the pair broke up and filed for a divorce with Raymer winning custody of the kids.

Since then, he has stayed clear of church bells and weddings but still keeps his distance. Case in point is the reality star’s engagement to his long-time girlfriend, Trisha Chamberlain. She also got into the relationship with two of her kids from her previous relationship and together made one big blended family since July 2011. The wedding details remain unknown.

Who is Agnes Wilczynski? Her married life.

On the other hand, Agnes Wilczynski first came under the spotlight in 2011; right around the same time Tanked premiered. She’s the sales coordinator and estimator up an ATM.

However, before she became a reality star, she worked as a sales representative for a Ferrari Dealership and previously as a hair designer.

Image of Agnes Wilczynski from TV series, Tanked
Agnes Wilczynski from TV series, Tanked

Contrary to Brett Raymer’s open personal life, Agnes’ lives inside a bubble. Besides the fact that she grew up in Poland, nothing else about her life comes to light. Even her social media handles do not incline as to who she’s dating let alone information on whether or not she’s married.

Is Agnes Wilczynski married to Brett Raymer? Were they ever?

To put an end to the surrounding rumours about Agnes and Brett’s marriage, it never happened and probably never will. The two have never looked at each other that way, and on record, Brett has admitted that he cares about her as a sister.

Moreover, the whole family regards Wilczynski as part of the family and let her in on any company related secrets. Besides, it would be foolish of Brett to sabotage his 11-year relationship with Trisha Chamberlain and their kids who already invested as well. In summary, the chemistry that they share is purely platonic.

Agnes Wilczynski and Brett Raymer are not married, they have a strictly professional relationship.


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