Robert Kulp Illness, Daughters, Wife, Age, Net worth, Wiki bio 

Robert Kulp is the visionary and co-founder of Black Dogs Salvage, a salvage business in Roanoke, Virginia. His partner in rummaging for artifacts is none other than, Mike Whiteside. Together with their team, they form the premise of Salvage Dawgs, a reality show on the DIY Network currently on its ninth season. Each individual is unique and gives out his/her specific input to the show. That said, here’s an update on Robert Kulp’s net worth, illness, age, wife, and Wikipedia-bio.

Who is Robert Kulp?

Robert Kulp is a former Naval Commander who gave it all up for a life of digging through trash. However, he and Mike both came up with a fancier name for their activities – upcycling. The pair had an idea on salvaging unique pieces from old houses facing demolishment.

Later, with Kulp’s precision and expertise, they would piece back the parts to create something new and unique, which they would sell at a profit. Initially, the duo never thought much about it, let alone a television picking up their antics.

Image of TV Personality, Robert Kulp

TV Personality, Robert Kulp

However, after it came to pass and they are now making the most of the situation. Business is currently booming with more people looking into their merchandise.

Robert Kulp Net Worth, Sources of Income.

The Black Dog Salvage team is pretty good at turning trash into gold. They have been at it for over two decades since Robert and Mike first salvaged some pieces from an old Roanoke building.

Image of TV Personality, Robert Kulp net worth is currently not available

TV Personality, Robert Kulp net worth is currently not available

Whiteside is the CEO of Black Dog Salvage whereas Kulp is its president. Whoever has higher jurisdiction over the other remains unknown. However, we only know that Mike’s net worth as of 2019 stands at $1 million.

Image of TV Personality, Mike Whiteside net worth is $1 million

TV Personality, Mike Whiteside net worth is $1 million

On the other hand, Robert Kulp’s net worth remains under review. Nonetheless, the duo operates as one and need each other’s input. Otherwise, the company would fall back into the ashes it once rose from.

Kulp earns from the televised reality series as well as their furniture line. They also have a warehouse where they set up shop to sell the merchandise. Most of their customers are usually high-end interior designers and restaurant owners.

Robert Kulp married to a wife? Who are his daughters?

The reality star is very hushed up about the love of his life. However, we dug around and found out that Robert Kulp is a married man. Unlike Mike’s wife, his wife named Patti never makes appearances alongside him.

Image of Salvage Dawgs cast Robert Kulp and Mike Whiteside

Salvage Dawgs cast Robert Kulp and Mike Whiteside

Instead, she only appears on family pictures they take together on social media. Moreover, details on their wedding and its anniversary never make it to light. Regardless, they are both proud parents to three beautiful teenage girls. One of whom is named Caroline.

Robert Kulp, Age, Wikipedia-Bio, and Illness.

The father of three is a Roanoke native, born and raised there. We found out that he celebrates his birthday every August 20th. However, his year of birth remains under wraps, making it next to impossible to reveal his age.

Initially, Kulp started as a Naval Officer but opted out of service to pursue his tertiary education. As a result, he enrolled at the Virginia Technical University where he graduated with a degree in Building and Construction.

He also doubles down as a general contractor, which makes him a valuable asset to the team. His keen eye in structural engineering also makes him the best fit in tearing down artifacts down to the minute details.

Image of Slavage Dawgs cast Robert Kulp is perfectly fit and healthy

Salvage Dawgs cast Robert Kulp is perfectly fit and healthy

Lastly, Robert Kulp is perfectly healthy, with no sign of any illness. The mix-up and rumours might have arisen from another actor with a similar name, Robert Culp, who died in 2010 through a fall.

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