Jessi Combs Wiki, Siblings, Height, Gay, Net Worth, Age, Accident

Jessi Combs’ life dawned on July 27, 1983, in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. She is of America nationality, and her horoscope sign is Cancer. Jessi Combs is a renowned celebrity, and she has been featured extensively in the American TV. Particularly she is a TV host and an actress who always casts movies, not to mention TV shows. One of the most distinguished TV shows that she was featured includes the Spike TV series where she was a co-anchor. Furthermore, she was also featured in the 4×4 for four consecutive years from 2005 through 2008 — some other programmes that she has played a role in include WyoTech in the Collision and Refinishing Core Programme, All Girls Garage 2012, and Mythbusters 2003.  Read this to find Jessi Combs Wiki-Bio, including Siblings, Net Worth, Accident, and Gay rumors.

Who is Jessi Combs? what is she doing now?

Jessi Combs was a top performer in the program that she studied at WyoTech. Immediately after her graduation, she was hired to work for WyoTech marketing department straightaway. Afterward, she got the public attention when she hosted a reality TV show dubbed the Xtreme 4×4. It was well received by the audience, and the viewers were so excited about it.

Afterward, in 2011, Jesse Combs got another opportunity to host a TV series that had an automobile theme. It was known as The List 1001 Car Things to Do Before You Die. Later on, Jessi hosted another show dubbed the Overhaulin, which was aired on Discovery Channel. Apart from acting, Jessi Combs has also created a name for herself, and she became a celebrity. To top it all, she is now a racer who has participated in diverse racing events.

Image of Metal Worker, Jessi Combs

Metal Worker, Jessi Combs

Jessi set a landmark record when she raced across the Alvord Desert at a speed of 392.954 mph. In 2016, she participated in the Savvy Off-road team and won the EMC Modified Class 2016. The following year, Jessi Combs managed to finish in the 12th position in the Unlimited Class, and she was driving the Stock Mod Car.

Jessi Combs siblings, parents, family

Little is known about Jessi Combs’ parents but they were persuading her to do interior décor against her will. She was already in love with machines, and she simply decided to follow her heart. Just like other celebrities, Jessi also hides information about her social life. Nothing is known about her family, siblings, and parents.

Is Jessi Combs gay or married to a husband?

Jessi Combs is somehow controversial because there are many stories that are spoken about her. It is said that she was once married to Ian Johnson who was a cohost of the Xtreme 4×4 TV show. However, they did not remain together for long, and they decided to break apart and go their separate ways.

Image of Jessi Combs with her ex-husband Ian Johnson

Jessi Combs with her ex-husband Ian Johnson

Of late, she let the cat out of the bag that she is dating Chris Jacobs who is yet another cohost of Overhaulin – which is aired on Discovery Channel. Before all these, it was also purported that Jessi Combs was also dating Patrick McIntyre but she refuted those reportages. She set a straight record that Patrick was just her best friend but not a boyfriend, and she was not dating him.

Now you know Jessi Combs is not a gay.

Jessi Combs net worth, cars

Jesse Combs started shining at a tender age, and consequently, she was able to start making money quite early. As of now, Jessi Comb’s net worth is estimated to be about $1 million. However, she did not make her money the easy way, because she has also experienced difficulties and trying times in the course of her endeavors. Jessi has had accidents in her racing and even got injured.

Image of TV Personality, Jessi Combs net worth is $1 million

TV Personality, Jessi Combs net worth is $1 million

Fortunately, she is a world record holder in some of the events that she has participated in. Other than her sporting career, she is also an entrepreneur and her business enterprises also give her some income. Her first job was a marketer immediately when she graduated, and from then onwards her channels opened to start making plenty of cash.

Now, y0u know Jessi Comb’s net worth.

Jessi Combs accident

Jessi had an accident back in 2014 when she was riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, she injured her legs, but they were not broken. However, they were serious injuries that made her get deep lacerations in her ankles. The fault was caused by a lady who was driving and suddenly turned left as Jessi had accelerated to reach almost 15 mph. She even went ahead and shared her ordeal with her fans on Facebook.

Jess Combs Wiki-bio, age: how old is Jessi Combs?

Gossips and unsubstantiated uttering always follow celebrities up and down like shadows. Jessi Combs is also rumored to be bisexual, and she could probably be dating another lady. Her matrimony with Ian Johnson only lasted for months, and then they fell out.

However, due to her reserved nature about her issues, no one has ever established what transpired between them and caused that break up. However, rumors had it that it is her bisexuality that made them fall asunder. Jessi is currently 35 years old, and she is still cute and outstanding.

Unlike most ladies, she is an all-around lady who even explores the fields that are naturally dominated by men. Jessi is a fan of motors and racing which rarely have women. By being a jack of all trades, Jessi Combs has many means of making money, right from being a TV show host, metal fabricator, entrepreneur, and a racer. Some of the things that she is good at include metalworking, photography, leather craft, and her dexterity enables her to create many fanciful items.

The most amazing and outstanding achievement that she has ever made is to become the fastest racer, and she holds the world record for that. She managed to race at a whopping speed of 398 mph which is quite terrific.  To recap, Jessi Combs is a superb woman who has a lot to admire, learn from, and copy.

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