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Cleen Rock One from “Ink Master” Wife, Net Worth, Real Name, Wiki-Bio

Image of Cleen Rock One from "Ink Master" Wife, Net Worth, Real Name, Wiki-Bio

Cleen Rock One is a renowned American professional tattoo artist. He rose to fame in 2014 after his appearances in the reality series named Ink Master.

Besides competing in Ink Master, he is an established entrepreneur from which he has bagged an enviable Net Worth.

Did you know that Cleen Rock One is just a stage name? Well, keep reading to find out his real name. Also, Meet his wife.

Who is Cleen Rock One from “Ink Master”?

Cleen Rock One is an American celebrity, known for his superb tattoo artistic skills. According to wiki-bio, Cleen Rock One’s interest in tattoos began at a very early age.

When he reached 16 years, he got his first tattoo. The tattoo was inspired by the elephant chain which was on the left arm of Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea.

Initially, his mother declined the idea of him getting a tattoo. However, Cleen Rock One stood his ground. He even told her that if she didn’t take him to a professional artist, he would get tattooed in somebody’s garage or kitchen.

Seeing his persistence, his mother gave in and allowed him to get a tattoo.

At age 16, Cleen Rock One was just a minor and according to state law, a tattoo customer must be at least 21. Otherwise, they must get parental consent before they are tattooed.

Therefore, his mother wrote a permission slip for him and gave him a copy of her ID. A few years later, he got his second tattoo, now without having to ask for parental consent.

The love for tattooing was so much in him that he made up his mind to pursue professional tattooing.

In 1999, Cleen Rock One opened his own tattoo shop. Within a very short duration, he had already become superb in that he was the most sought-after tattoo artist. Cleen Rock One owns three tattoo shops in America; Chrome Gypsy, Golden Skull and Nevada Tattoo.

Image of Cleen from reality series competition, Ink Master

Cleen from reality series competition, Ink Master

In 2014, Cleen Rock One got a chance to participate in a reality series competition, Ink Master. Although he failed for three consecutive seasons, his dedication and persistence kept him going.

Finally, his win came in the finals of 2018 season whereby he out-inked Christian Buckingham. Cleen Rock One worked on a 35-hour tattoo of a massive cobra-and-skull concoction on his subject’s body and this led to his win. In addition, he was given a prize of $100,000.

Meet Cleen Rock One Wife Name, Married life, and Divorce.

Cleen Rock One was a married man though wiki-bio has not disclosed the name of his ex-wife. Reportedly, the couple broke up due to undisclosed personal reasons.

Presently, the details of Cleen Rock One’s ex-wife, including her name, appear to be missing in wiki sources. Moreover, their marital life has not yet been disclosed to the public.

Therefore, it is not known how long the couple had been married before they divorced.

However, the couple shares two kids together. Also, it is reported that their relationship after divorce is still great.

He is now dating a new girlfriend.

Currently, Cleen Rock One is in a blissful relationship with his girlfriend, whose name has not been disclosed. Cleen frequently flaunts his lover on social media and he is always open about his much love for her.

The two are not yet married though there is a likelihood that they will get married soon.

Cleen, his girlfriend and his two children appear to share a very perfect bond. Together, they are often on vacations together.

Cleen Rock One’s Net Worth

According to wiki-bio sources, Cleen Rock One has an approximated net worth of $5 million. The first and major source of this huge net worth is from his protracted tattooing career.

Reportedly, Cleen Rock One started pursuing tattooing from a very tender age.

Image of Tattoo artist, Cleen Rock net worth is $5 million

Tattoo artist, Cleen Rock net worth is $5 million

He has been in this business for more than two decades and has three established tattoo businesses. Moreover, the tattoo shops are among the most famous in America.

Therefore, he definitely generates a lot of income from them. He has also made a good fortune from the various competitions he has participated in, the most famous one being Ink Master.

Also, wiki-bio sources reveal that Cleen Rock One runs a custom cars business. However, there are no further details to ascertain this. His house and cars have not been disclosed yet.

Seemingly, Cleen Rock One’s net worth will continue rising with time due to the increased demand for tattoos in this current young generation.

Cleen Rock One Wiki-Bio, Facts, Age, Family

Cleen Rock One is currently 46 years of age since he was born on 6th August 1977. The Ink Master celeb, Cleen Rock One, adopted this as his stage name. However, his real name is James Steinke.

He was born and raised in Elgin, Illinois in the United States of America. According to wiki-bio, Cleen Rock One is an American citizen and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Presently, nothing is known in wiki sources about his education background or early life. In addition, information about his family has not yet been disclosed.

Apparently, Cleen Rock One is an avid bodybuilder. He is a man of huge stature and big muscles.

As a matter of fact, Cleen Rock One’s body is completely different from that of other people. He has huge tattoos inked all over his body. Reportedly, some of the tattoos he has done them himself.

Cleen Rock One is a frequent social media user. He has garnered hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram alone.

His account is full of photos of different tattoo arts and others of custom cars. Reportedly, he resides in Las Vegas mainly because of his business demands.

Name James Steinke
Age 46 years old
Birthdate 6th August 1977
Birthplace Elgin, Illinois, United States of America
Nationality American
Parents Not disclosed
Siblings Not disclosed
Career Tattoo Artist
Net worth $5 million
Wife Megan Jean Morris (gf)
Children 2
Height 5’8
Weight 65 kg

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